This evening, Mayor Joe Ganim received the unanimous endorsement at Bridgeport’s Democratic Town Committee convention as their candidate in the upcoming Mayoral election with a Primary to be held on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. The Democratic Town Committee is made up of 10 districts that are a diverse representation of the city and its communities.

“I am honored to receive this endorsement,” stated Ganim. “Tonight was a vote of confidence by the members of the Town Committee representing every neighborhood in our city regarding the job that we are doing to create a better Bridgeport. Over the coming weeks, we will be bringing our message of progress directly to the voters, and talking about how we collectively make our city a better place for all. By promoting a message of greater fiscal stability, economic development, and better quality of life, we are confident that we will earn another four years from the Democratic electorate in September.”

NBC’s Today Show recently named Bridgeport among the top 5 booming cities in the United States. According to the report, Bridgeport is revered for the quality of life, while maintaining the lowest average median housing price out of the list.

“Under the Mayor’s leadership, the City of Bridgeport has seen growth and progress,” said Council President Nieves, who nominated the Mayor for another four-year term this evening. “We have seen balanced budgets year after year, a substantial increase in affordable housing, a much more vibrant downtown, and strong city management. That is why Joe Ganim deserves to lead the City for another four years.”

With the unanimous support of the Democratic Town Committee, the “Ganim for Bridgeport ‘23” campaign is proud to promote the three pillars of the Mayor’s vision which is focused on better quality of life, fiscal stability, and economic growth for the city and its residents.

Having received tonight’s endorsement, Joe Ganim and his diverse slate of candidates for City Clerk, Town Clerk, Board of Education, City Sheriff, and City Council from neighborhoods across the city will appear on Line A on the Democratic Party Primary ballot this September.

In a distinguished profile in the Fairfield County Business Journal, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim emphasized the city’s progress and outlined his strategic vision for a better Bridgeport. He highlighted three pillars: 1) growth and development, 2) better quality of life, and 3) fiscal responsibility.

Ganim also expressed his pride in serving as the mayor of Bridgeport and declared that the city’s state is strong. He highlighted the ongoing resurgence and expressed optimism for the future.

“Bridgeport is a very different city than it was eight years ago when I first became mayor, and I dare say that it’s more poised for growth and progress than at any other point in recent history,” Mayor Ganim said. “Brick by brick, neighborhood by neighborhood, day in and day out, we are making progress in Bridgeport together.”

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Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim (D) delivered his State of the City address at Hartford Healthcare Amphitheatre on Wednesday.

He said Bridgeport is in a great position, but he wants to keep improving it. It was his 17th State of the City address.

Ganim identified three main focuses in the presentation: growth and development, better quality of life and fiscal stability.

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